About Us

Consortium Engineers derives its competitive advantage from its ability to continually innovate and create solutions that can help in successful launching and completion of projects in diverse fields. Our aim is to have a solid presence in various areas of management services we offer. We spend time understanding the specific needs of your business. Our high level expertise will help you achieve your management objectives rather effortlessly. We have emerged as trusted advisors to companies who want to leverage the benefits of best management practices in risk management, cost management, facility management and others at an affordable price.

Budget Preparation:

We help in budget preparation of projects of all types and sizes across various industries. Our experts collect and collate all the input needed to make an accurate estimation.

Completion and Handover:

We keep track of the key elements of the project right through its lifeline to ensure that quality parameters are met. Completion and handover is adhered to strictly within agreed deadlines.

Project Planning:
Our engineers will take a 360 degree view of a proposed project to ensure that every stage of the project is planned to the last detail before it goes to launching stage.

Project Implementation:
With our expertise in project management, we deploy the right professionals to oversee that implementation is done according to specifications mutually agreed to in the contract.